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This is a personal website and blog by Jordan Sidoo, who is an avid philanthropist and a large part of the Sidoo Family Giving Foundation. Here you will be able to find both information and advice regarding philanthropic opportunities and trends along with a full bio for Mr. Sidoo.

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This website was created by Mr. Jordan Sidoo to provide information about his philanthropy and the Sidoo Family Giving Foundation, some of Jordan's passions. Mr. Sidoo is a student athlete and Co-Founder of his own tech company. He is also an avid philanthropist, and as such he has to follow the most deserving causes and stay up to date with the best ways to get involved. He is very knowledgeable on the topic and is always the first to spout novel ideas on ways to help out. This blog will provide information for individuals with all different levels of experience, from those that are just beginning to dip a toe in the water to those who have been involved in philanthropy and non-profit organizations for many years. Visit our Blog Page to view informational articles, or click on the About tab for a full history and bio information for Mr. Sidoo.


Jordan Sidoo

jordan sidoo

Vancouver, BC Businessman

Jordan Sidoo was an avid athlete in high school and in college. Mr. Sidoo attended Saint George’s Academy, where he graduated with honors and participated at Saint George’s in a variety of sports, including soccer. In college, Jordan found further success in sports, and after graduation he began getting involved in philanthropy and non-profit organizations.


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Whether you are an amateur philanthropist or a longstanding activist, you will be sure to find valuable resources in our blog which contain tips, trends, and up to date information about the current causes in need of attention and best ways to be of support. Further, you will be able to access advice that comes directly from Mr. Sidoo’s wealth of experience. To learn more about Jordan, just check out the About Page for a full bio.

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Philanthropy is one of the best ways to be or service in society today. With a wealth of possibilities for new and creative ways to get involved with a cause, there are an infinite number of opportunities for any individual to offer their help no matter their level of ability. While many people believe that the only way to be of service is through monetary donations, this is simply not the case. Mr. Sidoo’s invaluable knowledge has helped him to become a well respected philanthropic leader.


The Three Types of Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are created for the public good. They are organized around a mission or cause rather than shareholders or profitability. In the United States,

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If you would like to network or learn more about non-profits, you can connect with Mr. Sidoo by clicking on the Contact tab below and filling out the form located there. Jordan Sidoo is always open to new causes and opportunities and will get back to you shortly.  You can follow Jordan on social media or check out the Blog for articles about non-profits.


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