Jordan Sidoo

Vancouver, BC Businessman

Jordan Sidoo went to school at the University of Cal Berkeley, where he graduated with his BA degree. He then went on to receive his MBA degree from Southern New Hampshire University while also working full time. While in high school and throughout college, Jordan played many sports. His most notable sport while in university was rowing, which landed him a spot on the Cal Berkeley rowing team.

Currently, he is working for Attollo, a Vancouver real estate development company. As Jordan grows continually in the professional world, he also wants to grow as a philanthropist. To do this, he is taking on a greater leadership role in The Sidoo Family Foundation and he is continuing to offer his support to the less fortunate in BC and worldwide. Jordan is one of the members of the younger generation who are taking the torch from their parents’ generation and continuing on in the support of non-profit organizations across his community. Jordan is also the Co-Founder of Inc., a private messenger app, and has been there since 2016.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Lives in Vancouver, CA
  • Active with non-profit charities
  • Philanthropist with Sidoo Family Giving
  • Military experience

education background

  • Bachelors of Arts, UC Berkeley

  • MBA Sports Management, Southern New Hampshire University

Sports Accomplishments

  • CSSRA Rowing National Champion (2014)

  • PAC 12 Rowing Champion (2015)


The Three Types of Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are created for the public good. They are organized around a mission or cause rather than shareholders or profitability. In the United States,

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Connect with Jordan Sidoo

If you would like to learn more about philanthropy, you can get in touch with Jordan by using the form on the contact page. Mr. Sidoo always welcomes networking and outreach opportunities with like minded individuals. If you would like to hear what Jordan Sidoo has to say about getting involved with philanthropy, you can follow him on social media for tips and information.


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