Giving Back Can Make a Big Difference


Jordan Sidoo knows that giving back is important. Volunteering at a food bank, coaching a Little League team, or even just picking up litter in your neighborhood can all be great ways to help those in need and make your community a better place.

But what you might not realize is that giving back can also have a positive impact on you, the giver. In fact, research has shown that there are many benefits to being involved in charitable work. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting more involved in your community but weren’t sure where to start, read on to learn more about the power of non-profit work.

The Physical Benefits of Giving Back

It’s no secret that volunteering can be good for your physical health. From reducing stress levels to improving cardiovascular health, there are plenty of reasons to believe that giving back can have a positive impact on your physical well-being. But did you know that volunteering can also increase your lifespan? A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University found that older adults who volunteered for two or more organizations were 44% less likely to die over a five-year period than those who didn’t volunteer at all.

The Mental Benefits of Giving Back

In addition to the physical benefits, volunteering can also improve your mental health. A study published in the Journal of Health Psychology found that people who volunteered had lower levels of depression and anxiety and higher levels of self-esteem and life satisfaction. And it’s not just adults who benefit from volunteering; children who give back also tend to have better mental health outcomes. A study published in Developmental Psychology found that adolescents who volunteered were more likely to have higher grades and were less likely to use drugs or alcohol than their peers who didn’t volunteer.

Giving Back Can Make a DifferencenIn both big ways and small, giving back can make a difference in your community. Whether you’re helping to feed the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless, or simply offering a listening ear to someone going through a tough time, your act of kindness will be appreciated by those who receive it. And as an added bonus, you’ll also be doing something good for yourself. So why not get started today? There are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for you!

Remember, giving back doesn’t have to be a big time commitment. Even small acts of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life. So, next time you see a neighbor in need, take the time to lend a helping hand. You never know how much of an impact you might have.

In the end

No matter what your age, background, or interests may be, there’s a way for you to get involved in charitable work. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your physical health, mental well-being, or just want to make a difference in your community, consider getting involved in non-profit work today. You may be surprised at the difference it makes—not just in the lives of others but in your own life as well.

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